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Still waiting for rebates

Rebates are coming (we hope).

We are still waiting for a firm signal that a rebate program is in the works for Net Metered systems, which are now the only option for homeowners.

Our solar association has been making representations to various government agents who could potentially administer such a program.

Their latest news letter said:

ThGreen Ontario Fund, which launched several programs to help Ontarians reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, is now considering the introduction of rebate programs for solar electricity and heating.  

What we have heard is that funds from Ontario’s Cap and Trade program will be made available to help make renewables affordable but apparently not through IESO so we are waiting to hear which government agency is going to take on the administrative role.

I’ll keep posting updates until rebates are a reality.

Without rebates, the payback period on small scale rooftop solar is in excess of 14 years. Many potential investors would like to see payback in 10 years or less. A rebate program for the next few years when energy rates will again be allowed to rise would be a great help to the solar industry and our clients.