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Providing solar power systems in Toronto & S.Ontario

Solar Power Systems

We will focus on our core business of installing Solar Power Systems, mostly Rooftop Solar Power Systems, since that’s currently the only game in town. Solar Trackers are still allowed on some farms and we will continue to install Deger Trackers where permitted. The emphasis on systems is important and that will mostly be turnkey systems since the service we offer at Down-to-Earth Solar Power is taking care of a client from his or her initial call until the solar power system is connected, producing power, and monitoring capabilities have been set up.

We will not consider selling D.I.Y. grid-tie kits to homeowners because they are available elsewhere at low prices; instead we will focus on installing turnkey rooftop solar power systems for home  business, and cottage owners. Although the majority of our clients have in the past been in the GTA, we have often ventured further afield and, for example, have installed solar power systems in Port Perry, Chatsworth, Whitchurch-Stoufville, Miton, Grafton, Guelph, Norwich, and Port Carling.

We plan to develop our on-line store to serve individuals requiring solar panels, deep cycle solar batteries, charge controllers and power inverters for their cottages. We believe many cottagers live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and would like to purchase replacement components in the city before heading up North to their cottage. Our electrician is willing to head on up to cottage country to install new off-grid systems should the opportunity arise.