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Providing solar power systems in Toronto & S.Ontario

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The following lists main solar installation steps necessary for obtaining approvals and installing  grid-tied solar pv systems.

1. Preliminary site assessment using Google.

2. Check with LDC for capacity constraints.

3. Issue preliminary proposal and cost estimate.

4. If financing required, start application process.

5. Conduct site visit with customer and installer.

6. Design Optimal Solar Power System.

7. Issue firm quote/Sign Contract with installer.

8. Apply on customers behalf for IESO contract.

9. Arrange Structural Engineer to visit site.

10. Apply for Building Permit.

11. Apply to LDC for Connection.

12. Source. purchase, deliver equipment to site.

13. Install solar equipment.

14. Submit ESA permits to LDC.

15. Assist customer to accept contract offer

16. Set up web based monitoring portal.

17. Commission system and hand over system manuals and warranties.

18. Follow up for deficiencies during warranty period.

19. Complete Solar Installation steps and ensure customer satisfaction.


At Down-to-Earth Solar Power our main concern is that we take positive action on climate change while encouraging home and business owners to make the necessary investment. There is no hard sell by us, we try to answer your questions and hope you will decide to use our service based on our relationship and testimonials from previous clients.

We have been in business since June 8, 2006. All installation work is performed by Terawatt Solar under contract directly with our client. Terawatt is experienced and licenced-they have done our installations for several years.