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microFIT resumes June 21

IESO to restart microFIT on June 21st.

With the posting of this item on their website, IESO have put us back in business a month sooner than expected.

That is truly great news for those of us who try to make a living in this yo-yo industry.

We will have more time to submit applications on behalf of clients with more chance that their systems will be installed before the snow flies.

Apparently there will be even more red tape than before but we’ll deal with it. Perhaps there will be goodies as well.

We do expect that the rate paid per kWh for electricity produced by systems sized less than 6 kW will be increased, making small systems more attractive than before.

Once the rules for microFIT 4.0 have been posted and we have a chance to study them, we’ll be in touch with those potential clients who were frustrated when the program closed temporarily in April.