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microFIT 4.0 Rules Have been published

The microFIT 4.0 rules have been published on the IESO website and are effective today .

Two changes to the 3.0 rules are significant to homeowners considering a rooftop microFIT system.

The first is the rate that will be paid to the homeowner for each kilowatt hour of electricity produced by their rooftop microFIT system. The rate paid has been increased to 31.3 cents per kWh produced by systems with nameplate sizes less than 6 kW. A homeowner whose roof can fit say 20  solar panels (5.3 kW if 265W solar panels are used)will receive about $125.00 more income each year for the 20 years of the contract. ($2074 vs.$1949).

The second change permits serial connections and should assist in cost reduction of all systems up to the maximum 10 kW. Allowing serial connections means in practical terms that the LDC (Hydro One, Toronto Hydro etc) will not have to send a large truck with a team of 3 men to disconnect power at the roadside so that the electrician can safely connect the solar system. (And return at the end of the day to reconnect!). Instead, the electrician can by himself throw the AC disconnect inside the house to “OFF” and do his work safely. ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) has to attend to approve the electricians work as usual.

These are significant changes affecting the economics of small rooftop PV systems.

Other changes affect the acceptance of the contract and the aim is apparently to ensure the homeowner is involved and aware of his responsibilities at every stage of the process rather than outsourcing all the authority to the installer who may act without the homeowners knowledge or consent.

Since the microFIT rates paid are reviewed at the end of every year, anyone considering the investment which is profitable as well as positive for carbon reduction, should act without delay. These rates only go down, never up, and the program will terminate at the end of 2017.

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