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Providing solar power systems in Toronto & S.Ontario


 Institutional Solar Power

Schools, places of worship, non-governmental organizations and other institutions can often benefit from solar power systems as a source of useful extra income, and a way to take concrete action to combat climate change.

Faith-Based Organizations

Down-to-Earth Solar has been privileged to work for several faith-based organizations for whom we ultimately installed 10 kW solar power systems.

Usually, there are keen individuals within organizations who champion the institutional solar power project to committee members. We support them with the materials and information and by attending committee meetings to explain the practical and financial aspects, and often have made presentations to church congregations as well. Our power point presentation has always been well received.

Attracting new members.

We have found that churches, synagogues and temples are keen to do something progressive that might attract new members, and installing a solar power system fits the bill. One organization committed to supporting faith-based organizations on their path to renewable energy and energy conservation is Greening Sacred Spaces. They are also available to make presentations on lighting and solar.

Schools see institutional solar power as a way to interest students in science.

Monitoring and Display are important

We have  made proposals to private schools interested in projects to spark the interest of their students.

Many school boards in Ontario have committed deeply to such projects.

In all cases, monitoring and display are important features that we excel in providing. Panel level monitoring, instant production figures, graphs and data can all be displayed on wall-mounted monitors and are popular topics of conversation.

Cash-strapped institutions are pleased when we demonstrate additional revenue as another benefit from institutional solar power.

Please call us: we’ll be more than happy to discuss pros and cons of your solar project.