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Providing solar power systems in Toronto & S.Ontario


Homeowners can earn high rates of return

Homeowners  qualify to earn guaranteed income by investing in a rooftop solar system. In Ontario, thanks to government backed 20 year contracts with the IESO, homeowner solar power can earn annual rates of return of up to 10%.

We  help our clients to  apply for a 20 year IESO microFIT contract to supply solar electricity to the electrical grid.

Usually the income is enough to completely offset your annual electricity bill.

For example, 20 solar panels (5kW) on the roof of a typical subdivision home can earn up to $1,900.00 per year.

A large south-facing roof that can accommodate 10 kW can earn twice this amount.

A 20 year contract backed by the Government of Ontario that earns around 10% is hard to beat-check it out  by calling us today.

  Net metered solar electricity

An alternative is to use the power from your solar array to run your house and send any unused power to the grid. This method gives you the satisfaction of producing some or all of your own power, and reducing your Hydro bill to near zero. We suggest starting now with a microFIT contract then switching to net metering in a few years once electricity rates from your local distributor have escalated, as currently predicted.

The IESO (Independent Electricity Systems Operator) has announced new rules to make Net Metered systems more attractive that will take effect on July 1, 2017. Owners of systems installed before this date will have the option of taking advantage of the new rules.

Free Advice

We are always happy to provide homeowners with information and free advice. Unfortunately not every home has a suitable roof area on which to install solar panels, so we will look at your site with Google Earth and provide you with a preliminary site assessment. You need to have an open roof that faces between South-East and South-West for best results. (East/West is OK if roof is not steep).