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Green Ontario Fund

The Green Ontario Fund was announced August 30


The Ontario Governments news release is on their website

Go to the above  website and in the search news field enter  “Green Ontario Fund”.


Owners and renters already can sign up for a free thermostat and new programs are to be introduced later this year.

Canadian Solar Industries Association (Cansia) added this footnote to their e-mail circulating the news release to it members:

“Stay tuned for more information as Green Ontario Fund solar programs are expected to be released this autumn.”

The Chairman of Cansia John Gorman has been appointed to the board of Green Ontario Fund.

Funding will come from Ontario’s Cap and Trade Program.

We hope that net metering connections will be a beneficiary and that rebates or whatever is offered will keep solar power attractive to home and business owners after the feed-in tariff program ends on Dec 31st.