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Enphase Maintenance

We maintain many Enphase rooftop systems.

Mostly, the work consists of identifying on line the micro-inverters that have ceased to function, contacting Enphase to ship replacements an RMA,dealing with Fedex on the delivery and return, doing the work and finally updating the site to reflect the change of  serial numbers.

We have been able to do this free of cost except for a $50.00 administrative charge because Enphase would compensate US$125 for one inverter and $25.00 for each additional inverter swapped out.

We learned by accident last week that Enphase ceased providing the reimbursement effective May 31, 2017 except for systems installed within the last 2 years. The change in policy was confirmed during 2 separate calls to Enphase Technical Support.

This is unfortunate because there is a high failure rate on the early inverters that were assembled in Ontario to qualify for FIT-1 rules.

In future customers will have to pay the full cost of our electrician or technician to travel to site, go on the roof, dig out the offending micro-inverter, and update the system

Typically the cost will be $50.00 plus $60.00 per hour.

We will continue to do our best to keep these costs to a minimum and it does appear that newer Enphase micr-inverters ar much more reliable than the early ones.