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System Types

Net Metered Self Consumption

Ontario residential systems will move to Net Metered Self Consumption by 2018. IESO presented a webinar yesterday to update us on the planning that’s going on to cancel the microFIT program and move us into net metering by the latter part of 2017 or 2018. It’s reassuring that microFIT will still be around for 2016 and 2017…

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Micro-inverters vs Central

Micro-inverters are effective and efficient. At Down-to-Earth Solar we have installed numerous Enphase micro-inverter systems which we continue to monitor and maintain. The free on-line monitoring provides excellent graphic displays and the user can drill down to the panel level for trouble shooting or general interest. The appropriate use of the micro-inverter in my opinion…

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2015 MicroFIT Enhancements Cancelled

Enhancements to the microFIT program that were expected as early as next month have been cancelled by a Ministerial Directive dated April 7th. The proposed enhancements which had been under discussion since last year and had been the topic of 2 Town-Hall type meetings hosted by IESO were widely considered a “done deal” and were…

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