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microFIT 4.0 Rules Have been published

The microFIT 4.0 rules have been published on the IESO website and are effective today . Two changes to the 3.0 rules are significant to homeowners considering a rooftop microFIT system. The first is the rate that will be paid to the homeowner for each kilowatt hour of electricity produced by their rooftop microFIT system. The…

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microFIT resumes June 21

IESO to restart microFIT on June 21st. With the posting of this item on their website, IESO have put us back in business a month sooner than expected. That is truly great news for those of us who try to make a living in this yo-yo industry. We will have more time to submit applications…

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Enhanced microFIT program coming

IESO will improve microFIT program Since the last rate reduction effective January 1, the microFIT program has been unattractive to homeowners unless the south side roof can accommodate 10 kW or close to 10 kW. In the GTA, this excludes many homeowners who otherwise would be interested, because such ideal rooftops are few and far between. The problem affecting…

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Microfit Target of 50 MW reached

IESO have placed an announcement on their web site that the 2025 quote of 50 MW has been reached. Here’s the bulletin: microFIT Program Update: 2015 microFIT Procurement Target, Holiday Maintenance, New Price Schedule and Version Change 2015 microFIT Procurement Target As of December 10, 2015 the annual microFIT procurement target of 50 MW has…

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