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Providing solar power systems in Toronto & S.Ontario

off-grid solar

Terawatt Solar

Terawatt Solar and Down-to-Earth Solar join forces to cut costs. In order to offer the lowest possible prices, Down-to-Earth Solar will cooperate with Terawatt to reduce overhead costs. All residential installations will be contracted between the homeowner and Terawatt. Sales and documentation will be handled by Down-to-Earth Solar. Essentially, the change only affects the name on…

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Solar Power with Batteries

Solar power  batteries An article arrived on my desktop today about a new product from First Solar, one of Elon Musk’s companies. I have been wondering what was planned for all those batteries his other company, Tesla, is planning to make in their huge new factory out in the Arizona desert. I’m guessing that apart…

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Solar Power Systems

We will focus on our core business of installing Solar Power Systems, mostly Rooftop Solar Power Systems, since that’s currently the only game in town. Solar Trackers are still allowed on some farms and we will continue to install Deger Trackers where permitted. The emphasis on systems is important and that will mostly be turnkey…

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