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Solar Wobbles

GreenOn Incentives are gone. I was on GreenOn’s website just now. Its bad news. Here’s the link The notice says that the programs are closed.    

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Still waiting for rebates

Rebates are coming (we hope). We are still waiting for a firm signal that a rebate program is in the works for Net Metered systems, which are now the only option for homeowners. Our solar association has been making representations to various government agents who could potentially administer such a program. Their latest news letter…

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Home Energy Loan Program

Toronto has now includes Solar Panels in its Home Energy Loan Program Thanks to an industrious potential client who scoured the internet for information on how to finance solar panels for his home, I learned just recently that the city of Toronto has this marvelous low interest loan program for home renovations for which solar…

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Green Ontario Fund

The Green Ontario Fund was announced August 30   The Ontario Governments news release is on their website Go to the above  website and in the search news field enter  “Green Ontario Fund”. . Owners and renters already can sign up for a free thermostat and new programs are to be introduced later this…

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