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Providing solar power systems in Toronto & S.Ontario


Solar for Business

Installing solar on commercial buildings (eg warehousing, industrial or farming), makes good dollars and sense.

By making use of an unused asset (the roof of your building), your business will earn additional income that flows to your bottom line.

We will assess the feasibility of your commercial site based on the rates you are paying, the orientation and condition of the roof, your consumption patterns, cost of a solar installation and other factors. Your accountant will know that your investment is subject to the Capital Cost Allowance allowing as much as 50% of the cost to be written off annually.

We may be able to recommend a solar power system for your commercial building that balances demand with production so that although you remain connected to the electrical grid, you pay a much reduced amount to the utility.

The program is called net-metering and is offered by most LDC’s.

With a net-metering contract, you pay for the net difference between the power you consume and the power produced by your solar power system.

Here’s a link to one Hydro company’s net metered page:

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