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Providing solar power systems in Toronto & S.Ontario

Solar Power Systems - a great investment

Solar power systems have become one of the best investments available to business, institutions and homeowners alike. This has come about because of the rapid decline in the cost of solar panels.

Electrical power from solar panels is fast becoming cost competitive with power from your local electrical distributor  and because with a rooftop solar power system your costs are fixed you are protected from further price increases for as long as the equipment lasts (30 years or more). Projecting current price escalation, and solar price reduction, electricity from solar power systems will be competitive for many applications in Ontario within just a few years.

10% Return on Investment

In the meantime you can make up to 10%  return on investment today on a rooftop solar power system with a  microFIT contract (a 20 year agreement with the Independent Electricity System Operator and guaranteed by the Province of Ontario). These contracts will be offered until the end of 2017 unless quota of 50MW is used.

The effect of climate change on the human environment is top-of-mind with many Canadians and installing a rooftop solar power system is one of the best ways to take positive  action. Solar panels inform neighbors and customers that you care about the environment and care about them. Save money, show you care about the environment.

For information on the FIT program go to: www.

Down-to-Earth Service

Down-to-Earth* Solar Power lives up to our name, providing practical, cost effective turnkey rooftop solar power system installations in and beyond the Greater Toronto Area since 2006. Many of our satisfied customers are willing to chat with you about their experience with the microFIT program and with Down-to-Earth Solar. References are provided on request.

We are unique in offering a combination of engineering and financial expertise. Professional customized cash-flow analyses are a specialty that we offer at no extra charge.

Please contact us for a free remote site analysis and quotes for solar power systems.


* Down- to- Earth " with no illusions or pretensions; practical and realistic" (Oxford Dictionary).

Solar for Homeowners

Homeowners can earn high rates of return Homeowners  qualify to earn guaranteed income by investing in a rooftop solar system. In Ontario, thanks to government backed 20 year contracts with the IESO, homeowner solar power can earn annual rates of return of 10-12%. We  help our clients to  apply for a 20 year IESO microFIT…

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Solar for Business

Solar for Business Installing solar on commercial buildings (eg warehousing, industrial or farming), makes good dollars and sense. By making use of an unused asset (the roof of your building), your business will earn additional income that flows to your bottom line. Excite your Accountant We will assess the feasibility of your commercial site based…

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Solar for Institutions

nstitutional Solar Power Schools, places of worship, non-governmental organizations and other institutions can often benefit from solar power systems as a source of useful extra income, and a way to take concrete action to combat climate change. Faith-Based Organizations Down-to-Earth Solar has been privileged to work for several faith-based organizations for whom we ultimately installed…

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